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The Brighton Bandstand Company have been developing and creating a performing arts web portal with the intent of making it a concise information centre for all aspects of music and performance in the City of Brighton & Hove and its surrounding Sussex area. This is a performance orientated social networking project dedicated to raising the profiles of local performers and making a historical document of past, current and future acts and their connections.We are designing and building the website to specifically suit the needs of the local area to help the community notice and embrace the spirit of home grown talent and performance without passing them by unnoticed.This website is under constant review and development so if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let us know.

Fretless Bass for sale

Hove, East Sussex

I bought a Washburn Fretless Bass about 12 years ago thinking it would be a nice change from a fretted Bass. Unfortunately I never really got on with it and Have only probably played it for 10 hours. Right now it is hanging up on my wall being used as room decoration and it is time for it to go. So we have a hardly used Washburn Fretless Bass in perfect condition for sale. £100 ono

Test Advert / Music Producer / Multi-Instrumentalist / Audio Engineer

Brighton, East Sussex

I love connecting with a songwriter's vision and helping them to achieve their goals by taking their songs from basic recordings into fully fledged, releasable beauties! If you're a motivated songwriter or artist who wants to put out tracks that you're super proud of then I'd love to hear from you. My deep passion for music, 25+ years of music-making and wide musical & technical skill set means I'm able to help create music that sounds right and that you want to share. I offer a relaxed, collaborative and flexible way of creating and I build the process around you and your goals. So, whether I'm mixing existing recording, developing demos or creating full tracks from the ground up, I can add value across the entire production process and as an experienced musician, I’m comfortable tracking guitars, bass, synths, beats, sound-design, samples, percussion etc.

Test Advert / Band looking for Sax / Brass player

Brighton, East Sussex

Fakers are looking for a new Saxophone or Brass player to join our 5 piece line-up. Influences include Nick Cave, Neu, DEVO, CAN, Inceage, Sonic Youth, The Cure, Einsturzende Neubauten. Feel free to drop us a message and we'll organise a jam :)